7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

Apple Salmon Caesar Salad

Caesar salads are one of my favorites, but my husband is allergic to anchovies, and I am not fond of boring croutons. So I spruced up this salad with some lovely fall apples and toasted sunflower seeds for crunch and warmth.

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Tempeh “Tuna” Salad

My absolute favorite food as a kid was tuna salad. When I became a vegetarian at 15 I reluctantly gave it up. Now I rarely eat tuna because of mercury and other toxins, but I have something even better….

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5-minute Gazpacho

This cold summer soup is #1 for getting in multiple servings of fresh, nutrient rich vegetable and herbs. Usually, I only make gazpacho for special occasions, it requires measuring and blending lots of veggies, tweaking to get the flavors just right.

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white bean borscht

White Bean Borscht

 Borscht is an incredibly healing and detoxifying soup perfect for this time of year.  Antioxidant and protein rich with creamy white beans and nutrient dense veggies. Another favorite on the Extreme Radiance 10-day Detox 🙂 This recipe makes a big batch and can be made with or without a pressure cooker. Have some for now and…

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Sunday Brunch – Frittata

Ahhhh – nothing like a good old fashioned Sunday brunch. It’s one of my favorite indulgences. In my opinion indulging is even better when only the best, most fabulously healthy ingredients are used.

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