7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse

Tempeh “Tuna” Salad

My absolute favorite food as a kid was tuna salad. When I became a vegetarian at 15 I reluctantly gave it up. Now I rarely eat tuna because of mercury and other toxins, but I have something even better….

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cashew mint ice-cream

Cashew Mint Ice-cream

I scooped ice-cream for 5 summers in a row until I was 18. That was back when radical variations on vanilla, strawberry and chocolate were just becoming popular… Licorice voodoo – vanilla with black, yes, deep, shiny, black swirls, was one of my favorites. 

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5-minute Gazpacho

This cold summer soup is #1 for getting in multiple servings of fresh, nutrient rich vegetable and herbs. Usually, I only make gazpacho for special occasions, it requires measuring and blending lots of veggies, tweaking to get the flavors just right.

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Self-care Sunday-edible face masks

Glowing, radiant skin is one of the first things you will notice when you start taking care of your health. Of course, what you put in your body will have the greatest effect on the quality of your skin, hands down. What you put on your body is the next important step.

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10 minute side – Wilted Spinach Salad

When you are in the middle of prepping a big holiday meal, or you need to get some greens in you and it’s cold outside, this is a super delicious dish that takes only minutes to prepare from scratch. Plus you get the immune boosting triad of OMG – onions, mushrooms, and greens.

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pasta with cream sauce

Cashew Béchamel Sauce with Miso

Comfort food that offers a welcome embrace for spring veggies… Super quick and easy, this cashew sauce has the deep flavor of a much more complicated meaty sauce, plus the rich creaminess of dairy, without all the health problems! 

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